My goal is simple:

To make the topic of pricing not only intellectually interesting but also practically useful. I tell stories about real-world pricing situations because I want to make price theory more fun and accessible.

My hope is that this book will help both entrepreneurs and managers to better understand pricing, and perhaps to succeed in making it work for their benefit.

Winner Takes All: Pricing Strategy to help you win in business.

Learn how to build a pricing strategy that works.

  • Learn different pricing models and strategies.
  • Learn how to communicate your price to your customers.
  • Understand the Psychology of your customer.
  • Should you A/B Test your pricing ?
  • Learn about the factors that influence your pricing strategy.
  • How to incorporate pricing as part of your brand strategy.
  • The effect of choosing a wrong pricing strategy.
  • Learn about what investors want to see in your pricing strategy.
  • The effect of choosing a wrong pricing strategy.
  • How to design your product around the price.
  • Action steps to creating your pricing strategy.
  • The role of data management in developing a pricing strategy (bonus).

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