It is 31st December, 2018, and i just wanted to share my thoughts to set you on a path to greater success in 2019.

Get in the habit of making things yourself. What goals do you want to achieve in 2019, think about it, sketch it and start building. You are tired of new year resolutions that you never even scratch the surface of, you stopped making resolutions because they just don’t come to pass.

What if you could achieve every goal for 2019, would you set goals for the year? I think you should.

I have some ideas for you even if you have less than $100 to your name right now.

  • Get a well paying job
  • Go on a vacation to a beautiful country
  • Learn another language
  • Buy a car
  • Build a house
  • Go to grad school
  • Learn how to code
  • Learn how to sew
  • Save $20, 000 by the end of the year

You can add or subtract from the list, or completely discard and make your own list.

You can achieve most or all of the items on the list but how? What if there are barriers to entry to get to where you want to be in your career?

The Process:

  1. Talk to people who have a seat at the table
  2. Learn how to build tables and build one
  3. Invite people to sit at your table

1. Talk to people who have a sit at the table

Deliberately make new friends in 2019. They should be people who are more experienced, or have the same drive as you.

Find out why they do the things they do. E.g why do they cherish sitting at business round-tables, policy making tables, conferences? Why do they buy specific products? What makes them qualified to sit at decision making tables? Well.. you get the point, so you can craft your own strategy in your questioning.

2. Learn how to build tables and build one

A builder/maker/prototype approach to learning is a guaranteed way of getting things done. It takes an apprentice carpenter between 1–3 years to master the art of making furniture. The process of making tables in your chosen career or life goals could take some time but always build quick prototypes in your way to mastery.

3. Invite people to sit at your table

You start out making friends and asking questions, then you learn how to build tables/systems/projects, you make one and then invite people to sit at your table.

Building your own table can be compared to having a blue ocean strategy. I am a firm believer in defying all odds.

To defy the odds is to accomplish something that most would deem impossible. “succeeding at something other people might imagine to be very difficult”. That way people come to you to learn from you (They will sit at your table) because you have something of value they want.

In 2019, i dare you to be different, to question status quo and change it, to create a product that has never existed, to write that intriguing book, to seek to inspire thousands of people, to start that business, to get your dream job, to travel, to get that scholarship, to set the pace for others to follow.

Sometimes the tenacity to succeed gathers all the resources and know how to make it happen.

So be relentless, build tenacity and make that table. When you do, please invite me to sit at your table.