You are more than you give yourself permission to experience. You allow the voices on the outside shutdown every light begging to shine from the inside.

I know, sometimes the forces around us remind us every day how the odds seem to be against us.

What if those forces are self-made? What if you built those barriers with your own hand? You don't think so? Think again.

Year after year you tell yourself how unfortunate you are to find yourself within the confines/mercies of your community. You tell yourself if only you were from the West, I mean the affluent west; your life would have been a whole lot better. As you grow older you blame your school for not giving you the right education, your family for not treating you fairly. If you got a better job you would perform better because you believe your boss is just mean and ruthless. Or maybe you started a business not so long ago, and you just want to give up. You are gutted in disbelief, when you think about the insensitivity of your surrounding community. Nobody seems to care about your business. You make so much noise about the business online, but get insignificant return on your effort when you get any form of return that is.

Stop right there with the list of all the things that is going wrong and let us point the fingers right back at you.

I think it is time you change your perspective about your life and what is really going on.

Let me break it down for you. It is not as bad as you have trained yourself to believe all these years. You just may not know it, but you have created a false Version of your true potential for so long that it is beginning to look realer than reality.

I have good news for you. You are awesome. I am not telling you with any form of bravado how uniquely awesome you are, because if I did you probably won't believe it anyways. Maybe you think I don't know you at all or not enough to have an opinion about you.

I think I might have been in your shoes not so long ago, so I can relate. You need to start to renounce the pile of negativity mounting in your mind and the ‘deeps’ of your soul.

Take ten minutes to think about things you are thankful for, even if you can do that just once a week that will be awesome.

I am grateful for life every single day. I see the importance of life even when I get a slight headache, at that point getting well becomes my wealth. We always take for granted the things we are blessed with.

It is ok if you don't know what you want to do with your life. I would say do everything to find purpose, but you know what! Maybe not.

I don't think life should be a miserable ride. I think it should be an awesome ride. So find purpose if you can, if not, enjoy the ride at least. If it is hard to figure out what you should be doing, don’t get depressed because you don't know what to do, enjoy every moment you have.

Ermm... Let me suggest one great way of knowing what you should be doing.

Learn something new, work out if you can (even five push-ups every day is not bad, don't mind those people who can go all the way to 50 at a go)

I started to learn to sew, and I am super excited about that. Well for now just YouTube videos, sketches and I bought myself a pack of needles, thread, scissors, and I am using my old fabrics to test run. Yeah, you are wondering what I am going to do with this? Well, I am not so sure, but I am enjoying the satisfaction of creating something.

So I challenge you to start something new. Something off what you already do maybe.

Read a book. Even if you read just one page a day you are an achiever to me. If no one pats you on the back for job well done, hit me up and I definitely will applaud you. Takes a lot of guts to finish just one page in our fast pacing, digitally entrapped world today.

Sing a song? If you think your voice is not so great, maybe you can write the song and let someone you think is really good sing it for you.

Once you are in the pursuit of just enjoying life, and learning when you can, I can assure you your perspective of life will start to change, and you begin to feel more in control.

They said you would amount to nothing because you are not good in maths. In school you were forced to believe that those with the best grades turn out well in life. Life has its own measuring tape and school grades just might not help.

The little things matter, then you can reach out to the big things.

Maybe you are working on a project and you feel really stressed, don't worry, the good news is, we all get to that place when we get stuck and not sure what to do. Don't force it, take off your shoes and just walk bare foot on the ground (depending on where you are, you don't want to be called a psycho ) , or find a bathroom and let water kiss your face a little bit, or just take a walk. Yeah, those little things can mean a whole lot in refueling you to get back on that project. Works for studying and other things as well.

So yeah, stop looking for inspiration outside of yourself. Look inward, find a way to inspire yourself. If no one will inspire you, be your own inspiration, and if you are so inspired you just might light the fire of someone else as well. You never know!