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I have been teaching people how to code for more than a decade. Took some long break in between and started several businesses. I am back now. I want to teach 50, 000 people how to code. You can start for free, and if you like what you are getting, you can subscribe to my paid course.

Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Python for Data Science, Django, Drupal, MongoDB, MySQL, GraphQL all from the comfort of your home online.


Start from scratch and be able to build professional web pages in 60 days. Start for free.

Learn JavaScript

JavaScript has evolved into the language of choice in many fullstack web development projects.

Python for Beginners

Learn python by working on 20 projects in 90 days. We will hold your hands all the way.

React JS

Learn to build Modern Web apps and great front end web development using React.


If you were on the lookout for a Drupal tutorial for beginners to build your very own website, then you have landed at just the right place.


Build a web app with Django // The #1 Web Development Framework for Python.